Our MOTs are carried out offsite to ensure your peace of mind. We feel this retains the impartiality of the test – we wouldn’t want you to think that we have failed something on a test just so that we could fix it ourselves.

An MOT costs £50.00 and is valid for 12 months. Should any repairs need to be carried out to pass the test, you have 10 business days in which to have them carried out in order to claim your free retest.

If it is less than three years old, you will need an SVA test carried out on your vehicle. It is much the same as an MOT, but requires a special stamp for your certificate. Again this test is carried out offsite, as only a select few vehicle repair shops are authorised to carry out these tests.

Once an SVA is carried out, your vehicle will not need to be tested again until the vehicle is three years old. By this time, an MOT test would be appropriate and will need to be carried out every 12 months.