VAT Free

We are proud to serve the men and women of the United States Air Force and so we’re more than happy to participate in the Services Squadron VAT exemption scheme.

Once work has been completed on your vehicle, we will issue you with an invoice for you to take over to the VAT Office on the base of your choice. You are able to take your vehicle away at the same time if you wish – all that we ask for is for some credit card details as security until you are able to return with your check.

Please be assured that your card would not be processed unless either you asked us to do so or if you did not return. In both instances we would always attempt, on a number of occasions, to contact you first.

Your details would be kept in our safe, with only two people who have access and once your check has been returned, you are welcome to either take the form away with you, or it will be destroyed. By law, we are not authorised to keep payment information once payment has been received.

To qualify, your bill needs to be £100.00 inclusive of VAT (£83.33 exclusive of VAT). You also need a valid ration card and your military ID. There is a fee for using this service (payable to the VAT Office on base), which is either $8.00 or $10.00, depending on your rank.

We ask that payment is returned within two business days, however we do understand that as a member of the Armed Forces, things aren’t always that easy. Please let us know if you do not think you can return payment within this time – it does not automatically mean that you are excluded from the programme.

*Abuse of this priviledge could result Cooper’s Garage withdrawing from providing this service or mean that your further participation in the VAT Free Scheme is no longer allowed.