Steve Cooper is a car restoration fanatic, and has restored a variety of classic vehicles, including Minis, Escorts and classic American cars.

Why not stop by to have a look around our workshops and meet the Cooper’s team, look at the Minis we’re building right now, and have a look at our unique ‘work in progress’ vehicle – “Project Warbird”.

From minor repair work to a major restoration, we have the facilites and contacts to make your Mini dream come true. We are able to source projects on your behalf, or we can evaluate your current vehicle.

From mild to wild, we have the ability to incorporate upgrades and modifications to standard specification, including custom bodywork, interior, discrete audio installation, uprated braking and suspension, as well as power-tuned engine, transmission, exhaust and intake systems.

Come by for a free estimate and we can discuss what Mini Restoration work we can carry out for you.

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